The Truth About Junk Cars


If you have been back and forth from the repair shop and your vehicle still breaks down you might be looking at other options to relieve you of your headache. The older the car, the higher the cost of repair. Over time there might be no choice but to sell it as a junk car and get a new one. Here is some important information you need about junk cars.


Junk cars cost too much to be repaired in a lot of cases

Think it’s time for a new car? Calculate how much you will have to spend for the upkeep of your current vehicle. How much did it cost you the previous year to keep it road worthy?  The cost should include regular maintenance like oil changes, tune-ups and other repairs.  Once you have the value divide it by 12 so you can have an idea of how much it costs on a monthly basis.  The cost to maintain should never be more than the value of the car.

Insurance Expenses

junk cars cost more to be insured

If you are thinking of junking your car, you need to consider what the insurance will be when you purchase a brand new vehicle. Chances are it will be higher.  A lot of used cars do not need collision insurance if they have been paid off in full.


Junk cars offer sellers a lot of incentives. Thinking of junking your car for a new one?  Look at the incentives the dealers are offering around you. Check for rebates and trade in offers.


check the replacement if its worth trading for junk cars

If you are thinking of just getting a used car as a replacement option once you have junked you car, do some evaluations first. The last thing you need is discovering a whole slew of car issues that came with the replacement car.

Present Market Value of Junk Cars


Consult the Kelley Blue Book so you can have an idea of how much your car is worth right now.  Enter the year, make and model, mileage and wear condition so as to get a more accurate estimate. Keep in mind that cars that need repair will have a lesser value than those that do not.

Car History

Look at your maintenance records. Determine if  you are doing regular maintenance over the years or just letting it breakdown before you have it repaired.  Determine if there was flood damage or involvement in a vehicular collision. These events will lower its trade-in potential which narrows your options to just junking it rather than selling it as second hand.

Past Repairs

junk cars are costly

Junk cars are costly to repair. If you notice you have been spending more and more time at the repair shop getting it fixed for various issues then maybe its time. Call your local cash for junk cars dealer and get a quote.