The Redesigned Year of the Gentleman

Gentleman Opening a Car Door

Welcome to the newly redesigned site for the Year of the Gentleman!

We will be starting from scratch with a brand new design and all new content around being a gentleman. It seems like in today society the idea of being a gentleman is quickly escaping our youth. Fading is the concept of chivalry when socializing with women. True timeless style is definitely been pushed to the wayside. So many of our youth look like they just rolled out of bed and walked out the door. What happened to caring what you look like and making a good first impression? Etiquette is another thing that our youth seem to know nothing about or at least care about.

We say it’s time to bring back all of these great concepts that seem to be lost in our youth. We say it is the Year of the Gentleman!

From this point forward we will be focusing our efforts on helping people know what it truly means to be a gentleman. We will teach proper style, manners and etiquette as well as how we should cherish women. All things the world could use a lot more of.

We will also cover how to speak like a gentleman! Saying thank you, please, being respectful no matter who you are talking to. All these are traits of a true gentleman. Profanity may have a time and place, but not in public and not in everyday conversation. Here is a great video from Aaron Marino with some of his tips on how to speak like a gentleman.