How To Fully Enjoy Your Cabin Rental Vacation in Lake Superior

How To Fully Enjoy Your Cabin Rental Vacation in Lake Superior

There is no vacation like going to Lake Superior. This huge lake with a total surface of 31,700 square miles around the size of South Carolina or the country of Austria has always left an impression to anyone that has visited its beautiful pebble lined beaches and jaw dropping sunsets. If you have booked a cabin rental in Lake Superior here are some tips on how to maximize your vacation on the lake.

Pack a Lunch At Your Cabin Rental in Lake Superior

A picnic site near a cabin rental Lake SuperiorWhen going on a vacation with your kids to the lake, it is best to avoid the “time to go!” tantrums and hunger meltdowns by simply packing lunches for day hikes and having fun while playing along Lake Superior beaches. Kids will be over the moon throwing rocks at the water all afternoon. Enjoy the sound of the whoosh of entire pebbles as they hit the crystal clear water. Check out the different colors and patterns.

Watch out for Shipping News

Ship watching at a cabin rental Lake SuperiorIt can be a tad over the top to see the sheer number of boats going to Lake Superior. The sheer number of boats and fill up to three football fields at six hundred to a thousand feet long. Visit the Maritime Museum to know the schedule of incoming boats or checkout the Duluth Shipping News on the Internet. Watch all of these while you gaze at your binoculars in true comfort from the window of your cabin rental from Loon Lodge MN.

State Park and Forest Campgrounds at Lake Superior

If you want to have a feel of camping, why not check out the eight state park campgrounds along the North Shore. During the peak season, they tend to go to capacity but you can simply enjoy the beauty of the lake from your very own scenic cabin rental if you just want to avoid the crowds. There are also lesser-known national forest campgrounds that are usually less crowded but do not have toilet and shower facilities.

Timing of Your Cabin Rental Lake Superior

If you want to avoid the Friday and Sunday night traffic jams during the peak season summer months, it best to travel mid-week. For travelers during spring, you will be able to enjoy some of the best weekend specials for cabin rentals in Lake Superior. Look for lodging bargains or winter weekend promos. For those that want to have some fun camping, go for late June through the first couple of weeks of September prior to the nights getting too cold.

witness hawk migration in a cabin rental lake superiorThe best time to avoid the sweltering summer weather is to go between July and August. The lake’s 50-degree water will cool you quickly even better than simply standing by an open refrigerator. This is the best time to have fun outdoors as the daylight is quite longer this time of year and the lake is very calm and crystal clear. September will see the famous hawk migration near the north side of Duluth and the beautiful fall colors which tends to peak around the third week.

For those that like the winter weather on their cabin rental in Lake Superior, January through early March is the best time to go downhill and cross-country skiing, dogsledding, snowmobiling and for the kids, sleigh rides. Most of Lake Superior remains open and blue with occasional steaming in the morning. The constant freezing and thawing sculpts beautiful ice formations along the rocky cliffs and the dazzling frozen waterfalls.

Fourth Fest

The fireworks show is the best part of the free daylong Fourth of July music and food fest. Enjoy over 40,000 pounds of pyrotechnics form an amalgamation of colors and dazzling lights and showers across Duluth Harbor, all to the sound of synchronized music. You can watch all of this from the comfort and convenience of your cabin rental in Lake Superior.